Distressed Oak and Bespoke Flooring.


Distressed when used in association with wood flooring, means “Made to
look old, authentic, original, fatigued, similar in character, reproduced, used,
reclaimed, as first used, artisan, craftsman made, rustic or antique.” All these
adjectives and descriptions are frequently used to describe flooring that looks
like it belongs and is in character with the house in which it is installed.

Bespoke is a term used for articles made to order, to the client’s particular
requirement. In Hardwood flooring it is a floor of unique style, texture and
colour to match the client’s individual need. Yet our bespoke flooring costs no
more than the normal “Wood in Boxes”

We at Siva Hardwood will survey the site, supply and install our Bespoke or
Distressed Oak Flooring to an extremely high standard of finish. We are a
family business of more than 30 years standing and give a personal service not
often found in the modern world.

Silva Hardwood and their highly skilled craftsmen have installed many floors
in both commercial and domestic environments including those with under
floor heating. Many of our customers are willing to show our installations to
prospective new clients – what better recommendation than a proud, happy
householder willing to show off a beautiful new floor. Over 60% of our orders
originate from satisfied customer referrals.

Our detailed survey looks for anything that could affect the life and
performance of the finished floor, such as unevenness or moisture level present
in the subfloor. We will report on our findings and offer inexpensive solutions if
any treatment or preparation is needed.

We believe the way we prepare our distressed flooring is unique, resulting in
a product that equally matches our clients’ perception of “distressed” and the
building’s need for that complementary floor with real “WOW” factor.

The Company endeavours to capture exactly the picture of the perfect floor
that exists in the mind’s eye of the client. We are able to achieve this through
patient consultation with the client and the production of samples for their
approval. Levels of distress can vary from light to the very heavy, almost

industrial look. Colour and shade can greatly alter the appearance. So, mixing
distress level and colour gives a huge number of variations. The trick is
choosing the right one with the client.

Our Bespoke products are made from European Oak either solid or engineered
and can be fitted in mixed widths to replicate the real look of old floors. Or
in uniform regular widths for the more modern look. For an example of a
successful installation, view www.Victoria Inn Bolton.com - their picture shows
a Distressed Oak Floor using Engineered Board 180 x 20mm thick finished with
satin wax-oil. For other pictures visit the site of our fitting manager where his
portfolio shows several examples of wonderful flooring – www.hmcflooring.com

Our range of Bespoke hand finished flooring is aimed at the modern home. This
range gives colour and texture choices not available with the “Wood in Boxes”
suppliers whose products often originate from the other side of the world. Is
it expensive? Not more so than “Wood in Boxes”- We are not under the same
pressure to make large profit to recover heavy overheads and can actually
spend time providing exactly what the client wants - personal choice at an
affordable price!!

Our skills include the installation of the traditional Parquet Flooring in
Herringbone, Basket Weave, Brick, Chevron and Versailles Panel. Usually Parquet
is made up of Oak blocks but other species of wood are available. Have a look
at some of our installations at www.hmcflooring.com (the website of our fitting

The restoration of old and tired flooring is another of our special skills.
Our machinery is all state of the art with little sanding dust escaping from
the vacuum extractors. What little does escape is cleaned away prior to
applying the protective finish. Examples are again shown on the website
www.hmcflooring.com and also on www.silvahardwood.com

If you have a problem floor and are uncertain how to put it right. Or, if you are
in dispute and need a professional, unbiased report, Our Consultancy Service is
just what you need. We will conduct our survey and report exactly what we find
plus our recommendations on how to put it right.


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